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Put in the work



October started on a good note and I intend to keep sharing lessons that I learned/are learning as shared in this article.

This week is one of those where I have been thinking about INVESTMENT!!
To me investment is simply giving it your all… that is putting in the work.
For you to be an expert in OR at something, you need to invest your time and resources wholly….and fully without hesitation.

And specifically, Lets tackle investing in friends today;

Just like how family needs investment
Friends require investment
Education requires investment
Entrepreneurship requires investment
Work requires investment……
………etc and so many other things demand for investment of both your time,energy,talents, gifts, thoughts and finances.

After a serious discussion with one of my friends last night about true friendship, I was reminded of the fact that people matter to God and therefore intentionally setting aside time and resources for them is a great goal achieved. Personally, I am so much attracted to ventures that deal with people even career wise, an administrator will always interact with people. This therefore means I have a schedule for my friends on my calendar. I shall miss my meal and use the money for transport to go check on a friend?

True friendship requires you to put in some work for it to stay put. Yes, even with the natural bond, you will still need to find ways of communicating with your friends, showing up for them, supporting their dreams, extending generosity to them and praying for them. Even loving your friends alone in itself is work.

You can also reproduce after your own kind through friendships. I Know many organisations that started from a conversations between two friends who chose to support each other towards solving problems by starting an organization to do so.

I therefore, encourage us to identify relationships that are of value to us and start investing your best. You need that social wealth, therefore invest in your friendships. Love people, help them become better versions of themselves, show up for your friends in both good and tough moments, pray for them and above all be honest and truthful with them.

Water your relationships, they shall grow and bear fruits.

Put in the work!


As we go about October, make it your goal to generously invest in one of your friendships, and feel free to share with us your story sometime in the future about how it all turned out. You shall be glad you did!


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