All about LOVE 4


Love is best manifested through relationships!

We need to do relationships the right way—not just because it’s the “right” thing to do but because it leads to more life, joy, and vitality. Simply put, it saves everyone a lot of heartache. True joy is at stake, and remembering that makes all the difference.
True love involves incredible risk. If you want true love, you have to be vulnerable. If you focus on protecting yourself from possible hurt, then you’ll never know the depths and joy of love.
They go hand in hand.
Love is primarily about serving the other person.

I have learned that there can be beauty in any relationship. When we are choosing Jesus Christ and following Him, nothing is in vain. Any relationship you are in, any breakup you go through, is not in vain. It wasn’t a failure.
God, in His might and goodness, can use it to mature you and make you more whole and holy. It can teach you what things are important in a relationship and how to relate to the opposite sex. It can give you communication skills and teach you how to truly love, to be patient, to have hope, to seek the good of someone else, to forgive.
Love is the force that separates and pushes back the darkness and shuts down the enemy. When people are rude and unkind, choose to love them anyway. When conflict comes, apologize and forgive, and keep choosing love.

In short, there is a much better way to love. Thankfully, the Creator of the universe didn’t leave us hanging when it comes to our love lives. God wants to show you how to honor Him well in your relationships. He wants to take you from little-girl/boy crushes to a mature, Christ-centered heart and life. He wants to broaden your view of love to see how all true love points back to him.

My friend, the love of God for you is perfect. This means that nothing can be added to it to make it better or sweeter. It perfectly answers the needs of your heart!

Just to note;

For those in relationships, When you realise you started the relationship with him or her out of pity and not love, follow your heart.
Accept the revelation , and move on…

“If you don’t like the direction a relationship is taking, talk about it with your significant other. When the talking yields nothing, quit and move on.”

Radical people love real hard and also tend to be hurt the most when a relationship takes a different undesired direction.”
This because, when they love, they love wholly and are too loyal

You seriously need to first deal with your trust issues before you start any relationship.”
Trust is key for love to thrive. You just cannot marry someone without your heart’s full presence.

Our relationships will never be any healthier than we are. The stronger, more mature, more secure person in a relationship is always forced to make up for, defer to, or fill in the gaps created by the weaker person. The better you become, the happier everybody will be. The better you that you bring, the fewer problems you bring with you – Andy Stanley

People matter and so do relationships amongst people. People are relationship beings. We literally bear the DNA to coexist …

Go on and do life with other human beings as per conviction!

For more about love , check these for parts one, Two and Three.


I am the Lioness Arising
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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Shadray says:

    “Radical people love real hard and also tend to be hurt the most when a relationship takes a different undesired direction.”
    This because, when they love, they love wholly and are too loyal.”

    That’s me right there.

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  2. Aria says:

    Beautiful read 🌹

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  3. This is empowering, we need more knowledge in this area of relationships.

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    1. justynlove says:

      Thanks Mutumbu….

      Surely, let’s keep sharing on the subject.

      Thanks for reading


      1. You are welcome!

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  4. Wonani says:

    Agreed! We exist because of relationships. The healthier a relationship is, the healthier we are too. And vice-versa.

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