Lessons from the men in my life – 3


This month has been  Men’s health awareness month and I chose to honor the men God has blessed me with in my life by sharing the lessons I learned from each of them. These are virtues or principles that I learned from them that I am applying in my life. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Today I conclude with Part 3 as I share the principles I learned from my;


I have been blessed with great mentors and today I am specifically sharing about one MR. ELON KATWEHEYO, a leader who serves on many fronts to include Life Ministry Uganda and All Saints Church Lweza. He is one of the best fathers and leaders I have met and he keeps calling greatness out of me. He is a father of three and husband to one Queen Ruth K Katweheyo. He is also a great teacher of the word of God, evangelist, and one of the prayerful and generous souls you will ever meet and experience. I call him ‘Dad King’ because beyond mentoring me, together with his wife, they are my parents.

Purpose conversations are a daily meal

Lessons I have learned from doing life with him :

  • Find your purpose and live it out. You cannot afford to live just like that without any guiding principles is what Dad King keeps telling. The time we met, thankfully I had already discovered my purpose, and each time the purpose conversation came up, he would ask me what I am doing about it. He is a purpose guru who has encouraged me on this purpose journey. I have also seen him hold different learning programs that help other people discover their purpose in life that is them discovering and serving the reason for which God created them and put them here on earth.
  • Love your God, have a relationship with Him, tell others about Him and invite them to join in the life of walking with God. Dad King is always preaching Jesus Christ something that encouraged me to do the same with some people I meet. I pray I get the boldness to reach out to all. One thing I learned from Dad King is that at least someone will love God from experiencing my life and how I lead it with God in it. Dad King will always follow up with me to find out how my relationship with God is and oh mehnnn, you need to listen to some interesting stories I tell him and after all that, he will still encourage me to stick to doing life with God. I would say I am living the best life because God is in it and I have a great mentor who has held my hand along this journey.
Cultivating a relationship with God is key
  • In this life, be patient and persistent. I have learned to wait on God and any other thing from Dad King. He has taught me persistence by always encouraging me not to give up when things don’t go my way. If there is one person God has used to teach me to wait on Him, it is Dad King. God has also used him to teach me how to stay pure and refrain from reckless sexual activities. Purity calls for patience and persistence, virtues I have learned from Dad King. Each time I run to Dad King complaining about delayed work opportunities, trust him to tell me to be patient, opportunities are coming. He will even show me what I can be doing as I wait.
  • Be present for your family at every opportunity you get. Dad King is one of the busiest people I have met and yet he prioritizes family. I have seen him present for his children’s birth, birthdays, growth, and all occasions. He also finds time for all of us his adopted children and mentees. All seems impossible but I have seen him do it effortlessly. Each time I ask Dad King how he does it, he responds in the affirmative that It’s by God’s grace. He keeps telling me that family is your first place of ministry here on earth. This has taught me to be present for the family God has blessed me with. It is a great memory to live with, loving your kins practically.
It is vital to show up for and with family
  • Generosity is a great lifestyle. Dad King is one person through whom God has manifested to me the fact that The generous soul will be made rich, And he who waters will also be watered himself -Proverbs 11:25 NKJV. I have seen Dad King give of his finances, time, skills, and opportunities to other people. He always tells me that we are barely stewards and whatever God has blessed us with, it is to benefit other people too, not just us. He likes to joke that why should bread go bad in your house when one of your neighbors is sleeping hungry. Share all that you have, is all he keeps saying. I have learned to always find a way of being a blessing to others from my dad. Through him, I have lived to see and practice the truth that we are blessed to be a blessing.
  • Above all, Dad King has taught me to serve my way up. He has taught me to be the leader that I am and show up and take charge in all places God has called me to. I don’t know how many times he has challenged me with various opportunities that push me to the edge sometimes and I am glad because these have groomed me to be a better leader as I walk this personal development journey.
What I love doing, helping others

In conclusion,

I thank God that Dad King met me and loved me as his own together with his wife – Mum Queen. Both have loved me and I am their beloved daughter. Beyond mentoring me, they have gone the extra mile to parent me and pray for me too. I will run to Mum Queen each time I need the best English pancakes and to Dad King each time I need that warm fatherly embrace.
Surely, God has loved on me through Dad King. I am forever grateful.

He is grooming me to be a better leader and queen who maximizes her potential as she helps people and systems perform better. I pray God blessed him with long life and strength. #Only God.

To you my friend,

I pray that you learn something good from each person God has blessed you with be it your mentors. I also hope the above can help you lead a better life.
Stay blessed and safe!

Growing into the leader that I am

I love you!

I am the Lioness Arising
©Words from the Pot

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  1. His life is a message. And I love the part you mentioned that we get to live our lives as a message – where others connect with God because of our relationship with God.
    And yes, family is the first ministry. 😊

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    1. justine love says:

      Thanks sis…

      Yes, our lives ought to represent the God we serve.

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  2. conniedia says:

    Youe Blessed to have people who hold your hand to lead you. Profound lessons here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justine love says:

      Thanks dear… People are a blessing


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