Lessons from the women in my life -1


Hello Lovely People!
How is March ???
I hope and pray today is better than yesterday…

Today, I start with Part 1 of the Lessons from the women in my life Series. This is in the spirit of celebrating women’s March being the women’s month.
This series is aimed at sharing the beneficial things or virtues that I have learned from some of the women I have experienced. These are virtues that are helping me in my becoming journey and are what I would gladly pass on to the generations after me.
I am a firm believer in the fact that there is something beautiful to learn from each human we encounter and today allow me to take you through the first set of lessons learned from;


Clare Esther Kuc

CLARE ESTHER KUC, one of my closest friends.
She is a perfect description of the female friend and big sister I needed.
A great listener and loving soul.
A woman of substance.
She is many things to her family and different people
And to me, she is just my love.
She has a special room in my heart, one we get to each time we meet or talk on the phone
She is my wisdom bank, one  I run to if I need some reasoning.
Above all, she is my prayer partner!

Below are lessons I have learned from her throughout our intentional friendship of some beautiful complete years;

• Pray always

Prayer is communication with God. I used to think that I spend time with God till I met Kuc. Her love to be in God’s presence has pushed me to do better in my personal walk with God. Her consistency and dedication have encouraged me to keep the fire burning at my altar too
I will always cherish the times we prayed together on some holiday that I spent with her at her parents’ home. It was a glorious time talking to God with my friend for those few days.
Besides believing in God, we need to communicate with Him and for me, I am glad that this virtue was reinforced through my relationship with Kuc.
Sometimes, especially when I am not seeing results, I get tempted to give up on communing with God but yo, when I remember how Kuc seeks to be in God’s presence, I am encouraged to keep showing up regardless.
We have a common belief that God is good regardless of the prevailing circumstances.
So yeah, I am grateful to God that He has taught me how to stay persistent in prayer through giving me access to witness Kuc’s way of spending time with God.
Kuc is also one person I know who tirelessly prays for me, and for this reason, I am glad

• Maximize the Potential within

If working towards actualizing the fact that we need to maximize our potential was a person, that person is Kuc.
I have watched her put her heart into all talents/skills that she can nurture and serve to the world
Besides being a library consultant, she has pursued and excelled in music (singing for now), swimming, massage therapy, entrepreneurship, and personal development amongst the many other things she does.
Through seeing her go all out in fanning her gifts into flame, I have learned to dig out all my potential. I have learned that having been called to greatness, I have so much to offer to the world and all I need to do is to study and horn my gifts and serve them to the world.
I have perfectly learned that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me partly by experiencing Kuc
She may not know, but she is that one person who has been a learning point for me to go get skilled in all things that I have an interest in.
Each time I tell her something I like, she encourages me to go learn how to do/play it.
There are two projects that I am working on this year and she was part of the team God used to push me towards pursuing them. Surely, I shall die empty with such a friend in my corner!

• Being Compassionate

Kuc is someone who will come find you in your dungeon situation and do all she can to help you come out. She always has the desire to help people.
I always thought I was compassionate till I met her.
Through her, God has taught me how to go the extra mile to help people get better.
Kuc is kind, she opens doors for people, shares words of encouragement, allocates time to bond with family and friends, and above all gives hugs.
On many days, Kuc has driven to come to hug me because I said I needed a hug. She gives one of the most loving hugs. Her kind is therapeutic to me and Shirlene too can testify.
I am grateful to God for allowing me to experience such a compassionate human being. If I have gone extra mile for someone to be better, it is because I have Kuc to learn from.

When she hiked to the top of Mt. Kenya

Kuc my love, thanks for impacting my life and the world at large,
May God continue to honor your faith and answer you when you call.
I am blessed to call you a friend
The world is blessed by your ministry.
I love you!❤️

And to you my lovely reader today;

I encourage you to reach out to a friend who has impacted your life for the better. Let them know you appreciate their efforts and celebrate them.

Together, we are a greater force!

Just to Note:
You’re better off starting a relationship with Jesus Christ.


I am the Lioness Arising
©Gamba With J

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