Lessons from the women in my life -2


Hello Lovely People!
How is March ???
I hope and pray today is better than yesterday…

Today, I continue with Part 2 of the Lessons from the women in my life Series. Part 1 can be read here🤗
This series is aimed at sharing the beneficial things or virtues that I have learned from some of the women I have experienced. These are virtues that are helping me in my becoming journey and are what I would gladly pass on to the generations after me.
I am a firm believer in the fact that there is something beautiful to learn from each human we encounter and today allow me to take you through the second set of lessons learned from;


The Mentor God blessed me with.

A great leader and vessel of God
A mother to nations and friend
We met in 2016 and she was my first employer as the Executive Director of Kyusa, one of the best employers I have encountered in my life
A great mentor that God knew I needed.
She is so many things to the world and to me, she has pushed me to greatness.
I celebrate her

Below are lessons I have learned from her throughout our journey of manifesting purpose, personal development, and social impact;

• Leadership

Leadership is influence and I have learned this effectively through Coach Noeline Kirabo my mentor.
She is an exemplary leader who is passionate about drawing out people’s purposes and helping them pursue them.
She exudes great leadership qualities like empathy and creativity. She is the vessel God used to help me jump-start my development journey to where I am today and where I am going.
She is a great motivator and encourager, she will push you to the cliff edges while holding your arm a little till you gain the tenacity to fly and soar into greatness.
I have learned to walk this journey of life with other people from her. Through her, I have learned the purpose of teaching other people the lessons that I have learned in life to help them lead better lives.
She has also at various times pushed me to step up and take responsibility in places God has called me to lead for example in my career, ministry at church, media, and social spaces.
Just to note, my blog was birthed while I was undergoing her mentorship course under the New Generation Mentoring Program in 2016. Blogging was one of the challenges posed to us and I am glad I took it on fully and here we are. Shining!
For this and all she has done to make me a better leader, I am grateful.

•Always deliver Excellence

One of the great things I have learned while serving with Coach Noeline is delivering excellence at all levels be it work, church, home, or amongst friends.
Excellence is the quality of delivering the best and this calls for discipline, commitment, willingness to learn, and a winning attitude.
All these are things I learned while at Kyusa and now with NGMP.
It is hard to be in her presence and receive all you can from her and fail to be excellent.
I am a better administrator because I have Coach Noeline Kirabo to learn from. She helps me learn better organizational skills and how-to value time at all levels.
I am better because she chose to show me the way to being the best as I help people and systems perform better

• Practice generosity

One of the generous people I have met in life is Coach Noeline
She gives so much of herself first to God and the world
She is very generous with her knowledge, wisdom, resources, space, and heart
She is a mentor who goes on to mother me and also be a friend. How she does it, only God!
She is one of those people I know who will mention my name in rooms of opportunities.
God has used her to teach me how to live a generous life, one that shares all with others.
In fact, she blessed me with the only Hard copy bible I have now – a beautiful black petite bible. I love it
Even in our mentoring sessions, she reminds us to be a generous breed.
I am a better giver because God blessed me with resourceful people to imitate like Coach Noeline

With Coach Noeline and some of the NGMP alumni recently

Coach Noeline Kirabo thanks for pushing me to become a better version of myself and also being a prophetic voice to me, one God has used to bless my life greatly.
May God continue to shine His face on you and load you with good and mighty things.
I am blessed to draw from your wells. Keep winning.
The world is blessed by your ministry.
I love you!❤️

And to you my lovely reader today;

I encourage you to reach out to your mentor or a person who has inspired you for the better. Let them know you appreciate their efforts and celebrate them.

Together, we are unstoppable!

Just to Note:
You’re better off starting a relationship with Jesus Christ.


I am the Lioness Arising
©Gamba With J

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