Baby no. 2 is out


Hello lovely people,

I come bearing good news, today I launch my PodcastGAMBA WITH J via anchor. I call her my baby no.2 because this blog is baby no.1. I am in the season of birthing greatness.

You can catch the podcast live on Spotify , anchor, google

Tune in, subscribe and together let’s live, learn and love !

Thank you and stay safe🤗🤗🤗



I am the Lioness Arising
©Gamba With J

I can also be found on Twitter , LinkedIn and Facebook❤️

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  1. Awesome, will check it out

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  2. IntrovertedBlackReader says:

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  3. tcndangana says:

    Congratulations love

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  4. This baby has been birthed at the right time. Enjoy this new journey of your life. Nice one

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