Week 2: I love you Africa

#WinterABC2022 #Week2 #StoriesofAfrica

Every June, the Afrobloggers community organizes the WinterABC storytelling festival and below is my entry for Week two under the theme – Stories of Africa.

A view of Lake Victoria in Uganda

I love you Africa

The land that bore me
Nursed me by her breast
Fed with her green vegetation
Dressed me in her cotton
Served me tea from her coffee
Laid me to sleep in a bed from her timber
Made my shoes from the hides of her cattle
Nourished my skin with her shea butter oil or the rays from the sun that shines in Africa
She also sent me to school by tilling her fertile land to produce crops and sell them to get tuition
All in hopes that
That I will be her representative to the outer  world and be successful

This is where I spent my childhood
Seeing different children from different homes go to the same school
Some with shoes, others without or with worn-out ones
Some packed food (call it grab) to school while others had no option but to eat the school food
In some instances, the highest performing children were sometimes separated from those who performed less. Something that left many with questions, especially in instances where the former were given more concentration by the teachers over the latter
While at school, teachers were like small gods who at certain times would subject children and later students to corporal punishments that were so dangerous in my view. This has reduced a bit and I pray it dies out completely.
Throughout, I was always told that Education is the key to success, I cannot fully defend this now but yes, the education I received has contributed to where I am now.
It has enabled me to step into certain doors through which I am a blessing to the world

A land rich with medicine that can heal all infirmities
Yes, we literally have a herb for every illness
I have grown up taking herbs or vegetables for any sickness I got and still do
Recently, I took herbal tea to calm down a cold that had attacked me
Some of these herbs just need a little touch-up and we are good to go…
Though the worry we live with in Africa is;
Will the pharma industry let our medicines reign?
I believe they should.
Africa produces doctors every year from whom the world has benefited greatly
We also have hope that one day our health care system will be better and we stop losing people at high rates to things like Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and deaths of mothers while giving birth among others

Africa is so rich with
Strong minds
Loving hearts
Beautiful souls
Hardworking hands
Africa, my home
Daily do I pray that God continues to raise us up against the tides
We are victorious!

Our greatness is manifesting and we can only watch and wait with all the hope and courage in our bones.

Beautiful sunsets and yummy vegetables from Africa

I love you Africa!!!

Watch out for my next entry for week 3 in the #WinterABC2022 under the theme : Stories of Awareness. My entry for Week 1: Stories of home can be read here.


I am the Lioness Arising
©Gamba With J

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