Week 4: Leaders, multiply your influence

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Every June, the Afrobloggers community organizes the WinterABC storytelling festival and below is my entry for Week four under the theme – Stories of the World

An exceptional leader God has blessed me with – Dr. Noeline Kirabo

Influence is defined as;
The capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others:
The ability to move or impel (a person) to some action
according to the English dictionary.

We all have been influenced by someone and we all have o multiply that which has been passed on to us. Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less as written by John C. Maxwell.
Your level of influence determines the level of impact you shall have and the best method to increase influence is through multiplication other than addition.

As a leader, a time is going to come in your life when you grow faint, therefore multiply yourself.

Below are ways how you can multiply your influence.

Create clarity by articulating a big bold vision. You need to paint a vividly clear picture of a future you believe should be. A picture that your followers will easily understand and implement.

Keep growing and be the kind of leader others will not struggle to follow. People find it easy to follow leaders who are growing because they evidence results. Sameness is the death of the speaker or leader therefore GROW

Keep winning. Leaders find a way for their team to win. You will either have reasons or results. If you stop winning, many will likely stop following.

Sandra and I. We are on the same life journey helping each other get better.

• Be intentional about growing other leaders. Invest highly in other leaders and when doing so look out for momentum makers, not takers, breakers, or fakers. You need to stop spending and start investing time with leaders.

Build a culture. People love doing what they see. A lot of influence multiplication happens at a distance as people WATCH. Incarnate the values you behold. Always remember, what you celebrate as a leader becomes the culture.

Build systems that will help carry influence beyond you in time and space. Systems help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results consistently band predictably.

Connect and collaborate with other leaders from other spaces. Your network will seriously impact what kind of influence you can have. When you connect with the right people, they will take you to the right places.


“Multiply your influence by training a bunch of people into giant killers so that in your faint seasons there is no crisis.”
_Moses Mukisa

My mentor and I.

Grow your wings. Keep flying!!!

Watch out for my next entry for Week 5 in the #WinterABC2022 under the theme : Stories of Innovation. My entry for Week 1: Stories of home can be read hereWeek 2: Stories of Africa can be read here, Week 3: Stories of Awareness can be read here.


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