This Person!


This Person!

First strangers
Then housemates for sometime
This person makes me laugh
This person makes me love

A heart so rare it what this person posses
A generous one
One that loves to serve others
One that works towards seeing others happy

My heart leaped
It skipped
It risked
It loved this person

This person undoubtedly cares about me
Looks out for me
Wishes me the best
Serves me delicious dishes

Loving this person has been an amazing journey
One that has taught me what it means to be there for someone
I have learned that some people can be trusted through this person
I have learned to live through this person

Our combination was never imagined
It was never drawn
It fell from heaven
Wrapped in form of a gift of beauty

I can only thank God for this person
I pray daily
That earth will be gentle
And open more does for this human

A human I will always love!


I am the Lioness Arising
©Gamba With J

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