July & August – Amazing months

July & August, this was an amazing season filled with lots of merry-making and lots of work to do. Considering that July marks the start of a new financial year in some organizations, I had lots of assignments to work on and deliver. August is also the anniversary month for KIN Church where I serve in the administration department. This year we were marking 5years of God’s goodness and the ordination of our lead pastors. This, therefore came with lots of work and by God’s grace, all went well.
These 61 days also gave me quality time with all my besties personally. They were the shoulders I leaned on after getting lots of punches from work. They loved on me with their time, heart, and resources and I’m forever grateful.
Well, let’s dive into the finer details of how I walked through these months🤗

KIN Church anniversary celebrations 🎉

Allow me serve you the July & August at your preferred temperature;

I was;

Loving: The thrill of having long to-do lists. There was so much work to be done and I loved every bit of it. School, work, family, and I, all needed me and yo I tried my best to show up by God’s grace. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

Making: More time for my body especially my teeth. These two months allowed me to start on my healthy smile project. I intentionally made more time to visit my dentist for a root canal procedure and two extractions (roots). It’s was a miracle for me and yes, the journey is yet to end and I’m glad I started on it with a bang. My dentist is at Oregon Dental Care Services in Kabalagala..

Eating: Lots of fries, Sumz potatoes crisps and chicken. These are light meals that my body easily takes in while on the go… While at home, I was eating matooke with groundnut paste.

Drinking: A lot of water and passion fruit juice. My favorite juice. The times I would be home, it was millet porridge with milk. I like to joke that this porridge is the way to my heart. A friend gifted me a 2.2litres water bottle that is helping me take generous amounts of water for my body.

Reading: A book: Finding me by Viola Davis, blogs, Twitter threads, and the devotionals shared in some groups I associate with. I also spent more time reading my Bible for all the encouragement and wisdom I needed.

The evening that was… 💯💯💯 13.08.22

Listening: To a lot of music for very different purposes. I have playlists on my phone and each plays a different role in my life. For example; I have the weekend playlist for vibes, the rock playlist for me to think, the Mizu playlist for my singing along moments and edification, Wow for my worship moments, and Beautiful Love for my soul-searching moments. On that note, please go check out my friend’s new single via YouTube – C’est la vie by Sese

Bookmarking: Verses in my Bible.

Creating: Lots of content for my clients and my TikTok account too. Go over, check me out, and be blessed. Remember to smile too. I also loved my blog content. I tried writing differently, something I love. This person, That Person, and My miracle were beautiful creative experiences for me (i mean the process of writing them).

Watching: Many Nigerian movies for my relaxation and TikTok videos for life lessons and laughter. I was also watching people’s responses to my questions, they were very interesting.

Following: Ps. Sarah Jakes Roberts for her encouraging sermons, Tony Otoa for his knowledge and wisdom, the TMI podcast KE, and the over25 channel for their candid conversations. I was also following the Unpopular Opinion UG channel for their life stories and nuggets and Ps. Beatrice Byemanzi for the faith boosters she shares every Monday.

Wanting: To travel and get international work opportunities.

Wasting: No time on people who are okay with losing me. During these months, I let go of dead relationships I had held on to for so long. Relationships that came with so many unanswered texts, calls, and lots of heartaches. Ela when Murriel shared about letting go, I could relate.

Wondering: Why some people hate eccentric and unconventional people. Why don’t people let people live the life they have chosen? I believe we are created uniquely and therefore we can’t all be boxed to behave in a certain way.

The Shawarma😋 Date with My Love❤️ 20.08.22

Thankful: To God for blessing me with a driver’s license💃 , a scholarship to study and finish a Virtual Assistant course online (hit my inbox with all your VA opportunities 👏) and a glorious trip to Mbarara (a district that is 200km+ from Kampala) to spend time with my friends over there. I’m also grateful to God for enabling me go through the 21days of prayer and fasting we went through with the church family I associate with. This season came with so much freshness, something new was birthed, A new era!

Hoping: That health and peace continues to be restored on planet earth. May we be healed and made whole.

Marveling:  At the loving and providential hand of God. Nga God has loved me… His love for me is too much, I see it in the favor I experience, the opportunities that come my way, the love and gifts I receive, and the life in my breath.

Making a Toast: To the spa and shawarma date I had with My love, the ice cream meets I had with boo and baibe, the cooking moments I shared with My heart, the Sunday evening with the IFs, the date with Linda and a night out with the boys. All these my friends are the real deal. A toast to doing more life with my squads.

Noticing: How I have so much potential to be big and better in this purpose and leadership journey. The VA (Virtual Assistant) Course exposed me to a certain potential I had long ignored… I don’t know if the world is ready for me, All I know is that I’m breaking out more intending to make a difference.

Knowing: That people will create time for what they value/love or need. Therefore we need to stop giving excuses for people who don’t give us pieces of their time

Mbarara sunrise 🌄

Smelling:Good news, great gifts, amazing opportunities, and love come my way. I’m stepping into a new era and I smell the lioness in me rising to greatness.

Asking God: For clarity in my life and what decisions to take, wisdom on how to lead better, and peace at all times. I’m also believing in beautiful sudden happenings, an opportunity to go back to school, and a financial increase.

Looking forward: To reading more books, recording more podcasts, writing more blogs, shooting more TikTok clips, and meeting my mentors and family this month. I also look forward to my graduation from the Virtual Assistant course and the opportunities coming my way.


… Is here and I am just expecting the best. I shall live to tell the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. This is the time for me to re-align and rise to stardom. It’s a good time to be joyful and focused on becoming who I was created to be. I vow to continue helping people and systems perform better.

To you my friend;

I pray that you remember to wake up, show up, love yourself, be grateful, and above all continue to deliver excellence. It is my prayer that you receive and manifest some answers to your prayers.

Remember that;

Your body needs rest! When you get tired, pause a bit, reenergize then get back onto the journey of becoming.

When I went to Bukunja for some field study about deforestation

Happy New Month!

Just to Note:
You’re better off starting a relationship with Jesus Christ.


I am the Lioness Arising
©Gamba With J

I can also be found on Twitter , InstagramLinkedIn and Facebook❤️


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  1. Onyinye Udeh says:

    Happy New Month dear.

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  2. Greater things are yet to come💃🏾

    Also, when is our shawarma date? 🙈

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    1. justine love says:

      Yes to the shawarma date 🎉🎉🎉 will confirm dates and share with you

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