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September & October – So far the best!

The Virtual Assistant you’ve been looking for 💯

September & October
These were the kind that I call “my moments that I live for”. They were beautiful months that brought so much joy and also got me trying out many unfamiliar things
I also adjusted my lifestyle to better standards during these months and I am forever grateful.
The key highlights from both months are my graduating from the VA course – I am now a certified Virtual Assistant, and also meeting people I always dreamed of in addition to making new friends. Life has been good❤️
I peacefully and happily say I came alive in these months. I started to live again and work smarter towards being a better version of myself!
Read more in the details below

Allow me to serve you the September & October tea!

I was;

Loving: My chilling moments. I loved these because they came with lots of fun, eating, dancing and laughing. I loved all my Matchday Sundays at The Smack League, The rainbow picnic with my girls, the Friday and Saturday outings with my cool people, and my solo dates… I love being happy and these two months delivered happiness into my world🤗

Making: More time to learn, grow and stretch. I tried reflecting on life more thanks to the weekly morning reflections with the #5AmClub at the Ubuntu Leadership Safari via Twitter. I believe learning is something that will make me better especially when I apply what I have learned.

Eating: A lot of fish fingers, mashed potatoes, and masala chips. On most of my hang-out moments, these are what I ordered. The best of each of these were those I ate at Cafe Javas, Uganda.

Drinking: A lot of water and milkshakes… I need someone to save me from Cafe Javas‘ chocolate milkshake. It’s my favorite and I can’t help it. It’s usually the first ‘snack’ I think of when given the option to choose something light.

What I love eating and drinking 😋

Reading: Lots of books and my favorite was DARING GREATLY by Brene Brown. She shares a lot about vulnerability and each chapter exposed me to a new revelation about myself. I finished reading the book very determined to be vulnerable, practice gratitude and deal away with perfectionistic tendencies and pursue excellence instead. It’s a book I would recommend 100% to any adult.

Listening: To lots of music to soothe my soul and the one minute with Grace podcast for all inspiration.

Bookmarking: Verses in my Bible and quotes from the books I read. Best bookmarks were made in the Book of Proverbs which blessed my meditation moments too.

Creating: Lots of content for my clients and my social media platforms and blog. My best was the #5Am reflections I shared on this platform. I was also creating TikTok content while I was away from h

Thankful: To God for the opportunities to do things for the first time.
In September I was able to go on my first hike with le bestie… It was an experience I shall forever remember. A beautiful gift from the one that loves me!
I also met with one of the people I look up to that’s Comrade Tony Otoa, a great leader inspiring many humans to greatness. We met at the Ubuntu Leadership Safari physical meet…
I also watched a movie in the cinema @Century Cinemax, Acacia Mall for the first time in my life thanks to my friend. It was an experience I will forever cherish. I have also added it to my fun things to do. I watched the movie – Black Adam

My first slay #hike

Following: Ps. Sarah Jakes Roberts for her encouraging sermons, Tony Otoa for his knowledge and wisdom, the TMI podcast KE, and the over25 channel for their candid conversations. I was also following the Unpopular Opinion UG channel for their life stories and nuggets. I also started to follow Jackie Arinda aka Madam CEO of Jada Coffee… She is a star rising in Uganda.

Watching: Nigerian movies for all the entertainment and laughter I needed.

Wanting: To travel in addition to getting international work opportunities. I also want a full month of paid leave away from work. My body needs to rest, restfully without documents to edit or follow-ups to make.

Wasting: No time on terrible critics, time wasters, and petty human beings. I am also wasting no time defending myself, I choose to let my results speak for me.

Wondering: Why life is sometimes hard. I had breakdown moments during these months and yoo… It was so tough for me … Thanks to God for someone who got me dancing to all the songs Abeeka band were singing at some event on one beautiful Sunday. This refreshed my soul and brought so much healing and joy.

At the Ubuntu Talks where I met Comrade Tony Otoa for the first time. Oh what a joy it was

Hoping: That I live long enough to see God make me the woman I keep dreaming of.

Marveling:  At the gracious God I serve… I have been able to do mighty exploits all by His grace … On my own, I am limited and with God all things are possible. I was able to graduate from the VA Course with ALX. I am now a certified Virtual Assistant… Give me a call at 0783729186 or email me to help you do some of your assignments. I assure you of excellence.

Making a Toast: To beautiful friendships filled with love, trust, and protection. God has blessed me with amazing friends. These people are my backbones, the shoulders onto which I lean. I love them to the stars and back ❤️

Noticing: How I have beautiful friends who keep challenging me to greatness. A friend recently offered me an opportunity to learn a new skill that has been on my bucket list… And so far I’m loving the lessons.

Knowing: I am loved and worth all the beautiful things that life can offer. I was also awakened to the truth that I’m made for more… There’s more to the me you and I see.

Me at the movies 💃

Smelling: Good news, perfect health, great opportunities, and beautiful gifts come my way.

Asking God: For opportunities to go back to school and clarity on what way to take generally in all aspects of life. A new thing is springing forth in and through me!

Looking forward: To living my best life now. Doing what makes me happy and honoring all the people God has used to bless me for the last 30 years. How glorious it shall be.


… Is here and all I can remind you to do is “Do the things you love….”
Cultivate those passions each time you get an opportunity.
The world will always offer you things you don’t even love to do, so it’s upon you to create time for the things you love amidst all the life jazz.

To you my friend;

I pray that you find favor while still living on this planet and that peace, joy and good health locate you. May you receive a miracle in the coming few days before year end.

Me living my life now. I love this pair of shoes.

Remember that;

Your life matters too. Invest in yourself❤️

Happy New Month!

Just to Note:
You’re better off starting a relationship with Jesus Christ.


I am the Lioness Arising
©Gamba With J

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