The November Journal 1,2 & 3


This month, I choose to share thoughts from my journal with you as guided by my friend Wonani Mwanza who shared some leading prompts for each day of November. She blogs at Below is a collection of my reflections, thoughts and dreams;

The Daily Prompts!

A time when I felt so much joy and peace.

It was 12th June 2022 on a sunny day when I picked up my already packed bag and headed over to the Mash Cool bus terminal. My Love offered to drop me and Woah, it was a beautiful 5-minute ride as she showered me with all encouragement. Upon reaching the terminal, my luggage was loaded onto the bus and I entered and placed my hand luggage on my already-booked seat.
I then came back out to bid farewell to My Love; she blessed me with a warm hug and off I returned to my seat in the comfortable and clean executive bus which set off at exactly 4:00 pm EAT.
This was the day I was traveling to Kenya for not just a holiday but to meet a new friend and sister too. I felt so much joy because it was my first time to cross out of Ugandan borders into a new country and was at peace because I had the resources needed for me to have a good holiday. This is a beautiful memory that is still fresh in my mind.

How is my heart?

My heart is a little anxious and somewhat at peace. I am anxious because I am entering a new season that is 2023 and I do not know what is there. My heart is also at peace because I know God gat my back. I know more glorious things shall happen to me and for this reason, too my heart is at peace.

How would I like my life to be in the next five years?

In the next five years, I would like my life to be in a better position where I can serve God with my resources fully and are helping more people than I am right now. I also hope my life will have me experience different places and everything that comes with that. I hope to have experienced all the 4 seasons of weather that I have been reading about and seeing in photos.

The happy me on a bus to Nairobi.

The last positive thing that happened to me

The last positive thing that happened to me was learning to change my sleeping pattern from midnight – 9:00 am EAT to 10:00 pm – 5:00 am EAT. After many attempts, I was able to start going to bed by 10:00 pm EAT. This is a joy to me because it has increased my productivity in life and beautified my sleep. Thanks to my friend who encouraged me to try it ought and my mentor who assured me that I shall be glad that I acted on this decision. How I feel sleepy by 10:00 pm, I cannot explain because, in the past, I would never catch myself sleepy before midnight.

Something I was afraid of as a child

As a child, I was afraid of failing. Failing was never an option or possibility for me.

How do I set boundaries and communicate them to others? What boundaries am I setting for myself today?

  • I usually set boundaries after my personal evaluation meetings and this happens on a monthly basis.
  • I communicate my boundaries verbally to my friends, in written form via my WhatsApp statuses and blog.
  • The boundary I am setting for myself today is proper time management that is; I am being intentional about not doing work outside of work hours unless it is a planned overtime or emergency.

A letter to myself 10 years from now

Here is a letter to myself 10 years from now – Dear future me

Me in the future!

Who are my closest friends in the future? Who are the new people I am attracting? Who am I letting go of?

  • My closest friends in the future are honest, loving, and integral. They are very generous, and intelligent and love getting better. They are very creative, love to read and write and possess grit.
  • The new people I am attracting are very wise, intelligent, committed to challenging me for the better, and helping me while at it. They are the kind that is devoted to helping me a better version of myself. They are also lovers of life and suckers for excellence and growth.
  • I am letting go of people who tell a lot of lies all the time, unavailable people, and selfish people. The burden that comes with such people is too much for my health and heart to handle.

What is something about my friends that I’m grateful for?

Something I am grateful for about my friends is their love, availability, care, and honor toward me and other people in their lives. These, my friends are my friends, God has used them to be a blessing to the world which includes me and I am forever grateful.

Who is someone I have lost? What are some of the memories about that person?

The person I have ever lost was my biological father.
Some of the memories about dad include him taking our photographs each time we returned from school on the last day of that school term. He loved capturing moments through the camera lens. He owned a professional camera and we were assured of photographs most of the time.
Dad also prepared one of the most delicious meals I have had in my life. Specifical his stews and pastes were my favorites and mashed potatoes.

What is something I would like to learn how to do? What is holding me back?

I would like to learn how to prepare tasty chapatis and the fact that I do not eat them is the main hindrance to my learning.

Most of the things I’m wearing in these photographs are gifts from my friends

Right up there is a bit of my thoughts this month so far! The journal part 4 & 5 will come out soon. Stay tuned.

How’s your month so far? Are you happy? Feel free to share with us in the comment section.

Untill then, love people and practice gratitude.✌️


I am the Lioness Arising
©Gamba With J

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