J was preserved -3

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Treatment continued, my nurse, dressed my wound daily and applied glycerin of borax to the stitches inside the lower lip. She helped apply some herbal oil onto the outside stitches all over my mouth. Progress in healing was very evident on a daily. I always looked forward to something new I could be able to do again the following day

On December twenty-second, I was able to eat food!
I ate mashed Irish potatoes with a table knife as it required less opening of the mouth as opposed to a fork. Joy filled my heart.
Ayeza my friend believed I could eat meat on Christmas and indeed I was able to eat liver on the twenty-fifth of December. It was a lovely experience knowing I was starting to eat again.

Treatment ongoing and able to work

I started to smile in my heart even though I was still using a straw to drink. I returned to my mother’s home on the twenty-seventh since construction was done. It was nice coming back home, I returned with colored hair even. My non-medical nurse promised to come every after 4 days to dress my wound. And she faithfully kept her promise. She kept coming by to do her service and brought me a CJ’s milkshake on most days.

We started the year together with my nurse and shared a meal on the first of January 2023. We then went for a walk thanks to the 100 days of a running challenge we signed up for together. We were indeed beginning to see some light… As they say, there’s is always light at the end of the tunnel. She also ensured I had all my meals plus water to drink. God used her to make it easy for my family to take care of me. See, I am loved.

Healing kept manifesting.
Though on one hot day, I was alone at home and boom thoughts showed up and I ended up feeling so alone. I hated the fact that my mouth was damaged and I couldn’t pronounce certain letters well. I hated the fact that I could not bend easily to do chores since my lip was a little heavy
All these thoughts scared me into tears ( cried from mid-day till 5:00pm when my friend texted checking on me.
Upon telling her what I was going through, she prayed for me and the my other friend came and took me for a drive to the lakeshore. Viewing the lake gave me so much therapy. I felt much better♥️

I am forever grateful to God for blessing me with faithful friends who showered me with love at all times. I thank Him for granting me favor, in that my friend’s family allowed me to stay at their family home and they loved on me in various ways. This is something I deeply thank God for.

Progressively getting better.

I kept getting better and better and on the twenty-third of January, I was able to go supervise a research study in Eastern Uganda,
A project I believe God wanted me to be part of.

J was back to work!

Watch out for Part 4; You can also read Part1 and Part 2


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  1. tcndangana says:

    I am glad your recovery journey is going on well

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  2. Lovely blog, keep writing great content, we support u from Totem Network Africa ( totemnetwork.blogspot.com )

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