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You can dance in the storm. Don’t wait for the rain to be over before because it might take too long. You can can do it now. Wherever you are, right now, you can start, right now; this very moment -Israelmore Ayivor

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This shift made her eyes light up like the sunrise, brighter with each passing day, offering a sense of purpose as opposed to the worthlessness many children living with HIV feel. It’s time to work, it’s time to alter reality and grab this giant by the horns. Jojo joined a support group in which they shared their stories, encouraged each other and devised ways in which they would collectively kill this giant. The fire that burned within her shot out like a meteorite which split up into smaller flames hitting every child in attendance conjuring up a small army of advocates who have no fear of what lies ahead. What lied ahead became clearer day by day and regardless of the louder jeers, they kept marching to the promised land that could only be seen by spiritual eyes.

Proverbs 18:16 A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.

In an interview with a local TV station NTV, she highlighted the fact that “However small you think your work may be, it is always silently appreciated by those impacted by it.” Jojo had been chosen as the best young leader making a contribution to society and was supposed to receive an award from Her majesty the Queen of England. A girl who had previously lost hope before the paradigm shift would soon be dining with royalty, simply because she refused to let the fire within her get hidden under the bed. This wasn’t the first time this had happened since she had earlier on addressed the US Congress in Washington DC as a young girl fighting for this triple cocktail of marginalization, being a child, a young girl and now being HIV positive.

Even though the maze of love kept evading her because of her status, she kept hopeful and even though she built a wall around her, the thief always breached the walls and left the mess behind, leaving her to reinforce her walls even more. In reference to the previously mentioned NTV interview, she mentioned wanting as many as eight children, something which the average young girl would scoff at today. It is sad for someone to let go of what was blossoming into something beautiful because they don’t want to intermix with your giants, yet we all have giants we deal with and no one is perfect.

Looking back, Jojo can now forge a smile because of the lives she had impacted and everything else she had received even though she daily tells herself a lot has to be done. The same way billionaires have recently developed interests in invading alien territory, Jojo invaded the HIV cure research space and took the voice of the young people asking questions for the young people, “why had it taken over 30 years without finding a cure or vaccine?” or questions like “why can’t we have a global effort in sorting out this HIV pandemic like we see being done for COVID-19?” These are only two out of hundreds of many questions in which we hope to manage the new pandemic not forgetting the old one. Our Ugandan president once said, “The bright is very future”, and we all know that;

after the darkest night, the sun will rise again!


The above piece was written by MARTIN . K. NUWAMANYA a chemical engineer and health worker (volunteer) who also blogs here.

I am the Lioness Arising
©Words from the Pot

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  1. Pretty awesome. I love the flow of the language and choice of words. It is an inspiring story too.

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    1. justynlove says:

      Awwww🥰🥰🥰🥰 thanks namesake.

      Thanks for reading too

      Yes, many youth living HIV positive lives need to be encouraged. They need their hope rsstored. They can do so much

      I also pray a cure is found someday

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  2. So true, after the darkest night, the sun will shine again. Wherever this JoJo lady is. I pray for more confidence as she impacts more lives with her story.

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    1. justynlove says:

      Amen. The sun surely rises

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  3. Wow!
    So interesting

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