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I love giving and receiving gifts.. Yeyii, it’s my third best love language. And I am grateful to God for I have been receiving gifts that match my need, taste or season.


One particular principle I always remember before giving one a gift is to always do research and find out what the recipient loves or would love to receive. You may choose to ask God for a revelation or go the human way and find out through observation or asking friends to the recipient. This principle has been of great help to me

While I was thinking of the gifts I find tricky to give to the opposite sex, the following came to mind;

I will only recommend getting someone clothes when you are sure of his size,taste and color. Otherwise it is a no go zone. You do not want to find his young brother/girlfriend/friend wearing the gift you gave him or even find it(as new as it was given)  in the bag of clothes to give to charity. Just avoid clothes for gifts if you are have no clarity of someone’s taste.

I usually avoid giving out money as a gift because of two reasons. One is because money is spiritual and it sometimes carries one’s emotions with it hence sometimes causes lots of regretting when such relationships don’t work out or hit down the drain.
The other reason is that some people’s ego is very loud and so they will feel being stepped on (they may think you’re doing it out of pity)  and hence refuse the offer or pass it on to another person.

Household items (kitchen, living and bedroom )
I personally prefer to let people have a personal touch when it comes to how their homes look like. I therefore avoid giving household items as gifts. I know of a friend who literally gave out ALL is wedding gifts…mainly because he loves choosing what he needs himelf. The friends were dissapointed but they had nothing to do about it but rather learn…
I will gladly help a friend make a choice for their household items, I will go with them for shopping but it’s tricky finding me buying household items myself without their input.

Dreadlocks,watch, jersey and pair of jeans are some of my best gifts I received in 2019

Therefore, let’s give worthy gifts that we are sure the recipient loves/needs/will appreciate.  You can be sure either by revelation or research.

Let’s give without expecting the favor to be returned.

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot


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  1. I usually struggle in this area of giving gifts because I think too hard and it ends up becoming a task to me. Thanks for the tips of what not to give.

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    1. justynlove says:

      You’re welcome.


    2. justynlove says:

      Just try to do a background check with God or friends of the recipient.
      if that fails, ask the person what they would love to receive


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