Turning Purpose into Profit


It is very possible to turn your purpose into profit if you are intentional and focused.

I am part of an Alumni group belonging to one of my mentors. I joined the Alumni group automatically after going through the New Generation Mentoring Program run my my mentor Noeline Kirabo. On this group, every week a book is shared for us all to read and share lessons learned.

This particular week we did a book titled “Purpose to Profit” by Lawrence Namale. This book is so current and it elaborates 10 strategies on how one can monetize their purpose.

I enjoyed reading and below are some of the lessons I learned in relation with the truth that we can turn purpose into profit;

🔴You do not have a profit from your purpose because it is not clarified. You need to first and foremost discover your purpose and go ahead to clarify it. Clarifying your purpose is a process that calls for focus and time.

🔴You can still seek for a job as a temporary reprieve for your circumstances, but you must stay steadfast and committed to discovering and deploying your purpose. You do not need to solely depend on a job, you need to invest in your purpose too. You cannot leave just to work on a job, pay bills and eat. Find meaning in life and serve it to the world.

🔴Profiting from purpose will never be something that happens like a hiccup. We have to be intentional about it and create a channel for it (what, who, when and what needs we intend to serve…) We also need to create a strategy for it.(why, ideal customers, M&E, value, delivery methods…)

🔴Create a product. For our purpose, we need to design a product or service that can be sold. You can always start building a product / what you can with what you have and readily deploy it. Then take some time and keep improving on that product, having different versions with increasing excellence.

🔴Create a platform and brand.The world needs to see you and to hear you. Take advantage of social media and use it to build your brand and sell your product. People need to find you when they punch in your name in the Google search engine among others.

🔴If you are to monetize our purpose, we have to do some study on marketing and customer behaviour. You have to know the language of the customer and find a way to bridge the gap between our technical language and the emotive language of the client. You have to be relevant to our customers and meet their right needs. Know your customers, what works for them and see how to meet their needs in a better way.

🔴Do not be a one-man show. Actively seek out the help of other people in your niche. Let your industry leaders know that you exist. Collaborate with other people.. Find people doing what you want to do, those that have gone before or with you and spend time with them. Work with them and build your network because you don’t know where and when these people will recommend you.

🔴Be patient as you build. Lack of cash flow in the initial stages does not mean that you are not valuable. You need to keep on grinding, keep up the momentum and with focused intensity you shall see results at some point soon

A great book it is.
Very eye opening, confirming some of my thoughts, very practical, precise, clear and applicable.
Personally it has challenged me to keep working on my skills that I have identified to make profit. I am personally growing my writing and photography skills hoping to get better and deliver better products as regards this.

This world needs your service, and you deserve to earn from your gift and talent”
Lawrence Namale

All the above lessons are from“Purpose to Profit” A book written this year by Lawrence Namale.
Check it out…

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot


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  1. Racheal says:

    Amazing read. I enjoyed the book.Lawrence Namale shares amazing nuggets.

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    1. justynlove says:

      Thanks Racheal for passing by

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      1. Racheal says:

        Pleasure 😊

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  2. Winnie Malinga says:

    I’m challenged. It’s like the same points keep hitting me these past 3 weeks. Thanks for sharing this Justyn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justynlove says:

      You’re welcome dear Winnie. Thanks for reading. May God see u through


  3. Hope Chilinda says:

    I love your blog…

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    1. justynlove says:

      Thanks dear one


  4. ankushmaster says:

    Felt motivated after reading this…

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  5. ankushmaster says:

    Can I reblog it??

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    1. justynlove says:

      Please do… It’s well


  6. Patience is of utmost importance.

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