My friends are gold -1


This week has been one where I thought about my life in depth and one of the most outstanding discoveries was the truth that my friends are gold. They are jewels that God adorned me with.

Here are some of my heavenly friends and how they paint my world purple;

There is Boo

Boo will call and we have long conversations.
Conversations that are worth being recorded as podcasts
Conversations that are truthful, fun and full of wisdom
Boo also likes to sometimes take short-long walks with me as we jazz about life, our goals and achievements
Attending a band session was one of the gifts I received from boo on my 27th birthday, this is one of the many gifts boo has blessed me with.
Boo always looks out for me in the public and on the globe, closely watching what I share with the world and advising accordingly
Boo blessed me with a hard copy book and cherishes taking on reading challenges with me.
Boo takes note of my itinerary and follows up to know if I achieved all that I had planned to do
And is big on celebrating each milestone I hit regardless of the size. Spoiling me with ice cream in all its forms always.
Boo speaks my language!
Always holds my hand when we are crossing the road 🤗
and will protect me each time I need protection. Ask me hard questions and you shall watch boo answer them on my behalf. Boo is boo!

There is Baibe

Baibe is so hilarious and caring.
Always checking on me to remind me to have my meals, stay safe and do physical body exercises.
Baibe likes to surprise me with calls where we get to discuss life and generational topics in addition to random jazz
Baibe loves to share with me books with interesting topics and will get me talking whether I say ‘yes’ or ‘no’
Baibe wonders why I intend to call my daughter Zion
And yet loves my future son’s name
Baibe is that kind of human everyone needs
A loyal heart, a loving spirit and caring soul.
Always sharing love with the world and pampering me🤗
Baibe is that 2am friend of mine whose ‘morning text’ is what I wake up to.
Baibe is my rock, one that pushes me to greatness
And looks forward to a better me. It is a real world with Baibe!

There is Love

Love is my angel in human form
Always smiling and crying with me
Love prays for and with me
And sings so well
Love is very wise and is my source of wisdom and encouragement
One who I run to with my weird life stories, some of which be dangerous but
In such moments, Love gives me genuine and tough advise dressed in love and with a loud voice of ‘J, get yourself in order’
Love spoils me with ice cream and beautiful hugs and stickers dancing
Love is always there to love on me and my surroundings.
Love is one person with whom we shall laugh out loud, talk with all night or enjoy hours of silence with as we eat porridge.
Love also reads and eats with me. Always cheering me on🤗
Love is love and a great blessing to the world and I. Love remembers to celebrate my birthday and all wins.
Love always connects me to other beautiful souls from whom I am learning how to live better. Love is who I asked God for, A real friend!

There is Hun

Hun is my royal diadem
A great soul that I treasure
One who wants to see me win by implementing the right life principles.
Hun makes me laugh my heart out each time we talk on phone, as for our physical meets, they are trips to paradise and back
And is always cheering me on as I read many books.
Hun will call to ask how my life is and expects me to give a 30 minutes update.
Hun also likes to give me those warm hugs and will take me out each time I need to plus showering me with unique gifts.
Hun ensures I lack no good thing and I enjoy our conversations about life , family and work.
They are always mind boggling and some do send me into doing some research.
Hun loves animals and trust you me, we shall talk about one each time we meet
Hun loves beautiful scents and promised to get me a feminine scent just because I do masculine scents.
Hun is precious and a human I feel safe with.
Above all, hun Believes that I am a beautiful girl and always tells me so. This warms my heart! 🤗

These My friends;

Have loved me when I couldn’t love myself
They have not only loved me but my family and other friends too
They are the shoulders onto which I stand to look further and walk ahead in this life
They have supported me in all ways possible and encouraged me to keep shining my shine.
Always praying for and with me.
Above all they give me reason to live
They are gold!

I love them and thank God for them daily.

PS: This will be a series of articles appreciating my friends. So yeah, look out for more

On that note;

Do you have a friend you are grateful for?
Reach out to them and let them know how you feel
You can call/text/ facetime/videochat
Together, let us spread love!


I am the Lioness Arising
©Words from the Pot

I can also be found on on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Wonani says:

    You have amazing friends. 🥺
    Count yourself blessed. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justynlove says:


      Amen to being blessed?

      Liked by 1 person

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