Lessons from the women in my life -3


Hello Lovely People!
How’s March ???
I hope and pray today is better than yesterday…

Today, I continue with Part 3 of the Lessons from the women in my life SeriesPart 1 can be read here🤗 and Part 2 here.
This series is aimed at sharing the beneficial things or virtues that I have learned from some of the women I have experienced. These are virtues that are helping me in my becoming journey and are what I would gladly pass on to the generations after me.
I am a firm believer in the fact that there is something beautiful to learn from each human we encounter and today allow me to take you through the second set of lessons learned from;



She is a strong tower in my life, the best mother God knew would bring me into this world.
A lover, helper, and leader.
One who is compassionate and puts others in the equation too.
She has taught us (my siblings and I) how to love, work, pray, give, respect, and be Authentic.
She embodies too much love for people and family
Her generous heart is worth emulating.
She is still as hardworking and resilient as ever
And has continued to nourish us with good food and loves telling us stories
An encounter with her is memorable and so encouraging that she has been blessed with more children.

Below are lessons I have learned from her throughout our journey of mother – daughter relationship;

• Generosity

My mum is one of the most generous givers I have met. One who breathes and oozes generosity. A soul that always thinks of the next person in her equation.
I don’t remember us receiving food and my mum doesn’t distribute some to her friends.
She is the kind who will do all she can to help other people get better, she will escort people to the hospital, help them babysit, help them write letters, or do some errands for as long as she has the time to do this.
Her generosity has infected me so much that in moments when I am shopping for food for home or planning to bless mummy with some money, I will add extra for her to have enough to give.
She also gives of her motherly love to other people and my friends too. I honestly don’t know how many people call my mum mummy … I am blessed to have her to model generosity for me.

• Respect authority

When growing up, I saw my mum fully respect daddy and let him lead the family.
Never did I see her quarrel at daddy or call him names.
She always treated daddy with reverence and rallied us the children too.
A vivid example that I remember was when my daddy pissed me off and all my mind was telling me was to go and revenge.
Mummy stopped me before I could do anything and reminded me that Daddy was my father who loved me and did all he had done (telling me not to send someone to bring something that I have been sent for.. ) for my character to get better. Mummy told me that I should forgive him and be glad. For me, this communicated respect in its measure.
Respect means that you accept somebody for who they are, even when they’re different from you or you don’t agree with them.
And right there, mum was teaching me how to respect my daddy and authority at large, a lesson I keep applying in life.

• Seek knowledge

I have learned the benefits of gathering knowledge from mummy. Her life has taught me that indeed knowledge is light/ power.
Because you know someone, you will be able to connect someone to them to get help. This for me is an example of the power of knowledge.
Mummy loves to read literature, view photographs and she never misses her news at the top of every hour. Her best walking companion is a radio.
Her love for current affairs and following up on events and studying behaviors are some things I believe I inherited from her including storytelling. With mum, you cannot avoid being informed, you either do the research and reading on your own, or she does those and comes to tell you the whole story.
I thank God for blessing me with a mummy who pushes me to seek knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.
I am sure my mummy will listen to my podcast consistently…

Surely, I must have been showing her a photograph

Dear Mother, thanks for pushing me to become a better version of myself through your physical efforts and words of encouragement. Thanks for praying for me and loving me fully. I am confident and secure largely because of you and I am forever grateful.
May God satisfy you with long life, continue to shine His face on you, and load you with good and mighty things.
I am blessed to be your child and daughter.
The world is blessed by your love.
I love you!❤️

And to you my lovely reader today;

I encourage you to reach out to your mother or motherly figure in your life and appreciate them the best way you know how.

Love and Respect are key virtues in life!

Just to Note:
You’re better off starting a relationship with Jesus Christ.


I am the Lioness Arising
©Gamba With J

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